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menopause yoga & wellbeing group

Many women have found a regular holistic yoga practice - one that includes movement, breathwork and meditation, can help alleviate many of the common symptoms experienced during peri-menopause, menopause and beyond.  But more than that, coming together to meet with women who are on the same journey provides much needed support, validation, and the opportunity to share experiences and resources.  For more information please email Pen:

Menopause Yoga

We'll practice sequences that address many of the common physical and emotional symptoms of menopause and will learn how different styles of yoga suit different stages of menopause.

Shared Experiences

I went through a relatively early menopause alone. I wish I'd had the support of other women. You are not alone on this journey and sharing our experiences - whether good, bad, or just funny - is so important. That said there's never any pressure to speak, if you'd rather just listen.


Even a short daily meditation practice can bring huge benefits to body and mind. Meditation can help reduce irritability, stress and depression, as well as alleviate hot flushes & insomnia.


It's really important to understand how your diet affects your experience of menopause.  Learn what foods to avoid to lessen your menopause symptoms and what foods to add to your diet, to ensure bone, heart and good mental health.


We can use our breath to bring our body into a state of rest and relaxation, but there are also breathwork practices that help cool the body during a hot flush or give us an energy boost when we're feeling tired and overwhelmed.


Classes also provide an opportunity to ask questions, as well as share resources and experiences of different menopause treatments - whether natural remedies, or HRT & other western medical interventions.

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